To All My Singles on Valentine’s Day

By Brendan Slovacek

Today can be a rough day, huh?

Sometimes it really sucks to be single, and I’m not going to bore you with the cliché sayings that “it’s just a time of preparation” or that “someone is out there for you.” The simple fact of the matter is that it sucks. 

We all want to have that other person to hold us close and make us feel special. We all desire to not be alone. We all want to feel the heart to heart connection with another human being. When we don’t have that, especially on a day that celebrates relationships and having that special connection with another person, it sucks a lot. 

But let’s not kid ourselves here. Your fulfilment doesn’t come from a significant other- ever. Who you are isn’t about who you’re with, but rather about who made you. You can’t expect to be satisfied with your perfect someone when someone perfect (Jesus) isn’t at the center of your life. As crazy as it is to believe, there’s something greater than getting married: it’s called getting to heaven. 

Today isn’t the day to mourn your single status, it’s the day to celebrate your status as a saint in the making. You don’t need no man (or woman) to fulfill you, but you do need Jesus. Here’s the reality for you: your significant other didn’t die to give you eternal life, but Jesus did. When we find our foundation in Jesus, we cannot be shaken. No single person can show you the Way, Truth, and Life like Jesus can. Even though we can see and touch significant others, without being reflections of God to one another through their foundation in Christ, a couple simply cannot stand together forever. 

Physical presence can make us feel safe and comfortable for a long time, but without God, it also eventually losing its meaning. We may have been made for relationship with other people, but we were ultimately made for God, who proves time and time again that He’s greater than all physical things. Just because we don’t have the physical presence of another person today doesn’t mean we have to ignore the Person of Jesus. Today is the day to realize that God is where our ultimate fulfilment rests, and until we meet Him, we won’t be able to truly meet “the one.” Without having our faith in God, we can’t have faith in our relationships. All Godly things become virtues for us in what relationships will eventually occur in our lives. You must choose to pursue God as He’s pursued you. 

So today, take time to strengthen your relationship with Jesus. Don’t forget that His Sacred Heart is the greatest heart anyone can get on this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget you are not alone. Don’t forget you are loved by those around you and by the One who gave it all. His plan for you may not be evident yet, but it’s worth it. It’s time to give yourself permission to let today be about love- His love.

So what if you didn’t get flowers delivered to you at work today? Let God make today a good day for you.