By Sami Schulze

Confidence – when we hear this word we think of someone who looks like a Victoria Secret model or plays professional football.

We think of someone who speaks in front of thousands or writes award-winning books. We always think of someone who has it all, but then as quickly as we think highly of that person and their confidence, it turns into a negative connotation. “They’re really confident,” we say, as if it’s an insult.

True confidence doesn’t come from the body you flaunt, or the ball you throw- it comes from knowing whose you are.

Confidence comes when you claim yourself as His. It’s when you no longer have to run after the world’s attention because you know you already have Christ’s eyes on you.

I’ve talked to women who flaunt every part of their body to the public eye, and the funny thing is, they’re far from confident. They show it all in an attempt to receive any kind of “love” they can get. There are men who build up their muscles to unhuman-like quality to finally feel worthy. Yet, again they’re anything except confident.

My whole life I searched for approval from the world. I worked out at ungodly hours so I could have the “perfect body”. I made sure to eat only what was needed so my jeans fit “just right”. I walked with my head held high and an attitude that the Queen would be jealous of.

For all of those years, I was as far from confident as one could be.

It wasn’t until this past year that I can proudly say that I am confident. It doesn’t come from thinking I’m the best at anything. It doesn’t come from my travels across Europe. It doesn’t come from my athletic ability.

It ONLY comes from knowing that I was created in His likeness and image. He knows my weaknesses and strengths. He knows where I struggle. And He knows my entire life story, beginning to end. There is no reason to be anything BUT confident because I am no one’s but His.

I’m 15 pounds heavier, I love a good beer, and I’ll never say no to pizza. Oh, and my jeans? They’re from Walmart. My whole body changed but so did my soul.

I let Jesus creep into my inmost parts and into the places that no one else had seen. I let Him change me, and I’ve never been happier that I did.

I was chatting with a few friends the other day and one of them commented to me, “You are overly confident”.

Me, being bullheaded, I challenged him. “Why? Describe why I’m overly confident”.

He said back to me, “You just talk to everyone and you like who you are”.

If this is the worst thing someone can say to you, smile and thank them. You’ve reached a level most of society only dreams of reaching.

Be confident. Be holy.