Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Be Pro-Life

By Brendan Slovacek

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through a Pro-Life conversation before without someone saying “Men shouldn’t tell women what to do with their bodies,” or accusing men of being misogynists (or worse than that), all because many of us believe in the right to life for everyone. 

There have undeniably been men who have hurt many women and have treated them poorly during what is such a sensitive time in a woman’s life. The type of men I’m referring to are those who shame women who are considering having an abortion rather than show love and compassion and try to help these women seek support that will protect both the mother and child. Some men may not even have had good intentions in these situations. On behalf of the Pro-Life cause, I am so sorry to every mother and woman who has been hurt by the actions of men claiming to be Pro-Life, all the while ignoring the pain you may have felt in your life and especially during that time.

Putting the science and arguments for the Pro-Life cause aside for a moment, there needs to be an explanation of why men shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for life. All too often, men are criticized for their involvement in what is seen as a woman’s issue. In fact, Pro-Life men aren’t trying to tell women what to do with their bodies. Rather, they’re trying to empower pregnant women to have the support and resources they need in order to bring a new life into this world. 

The focus is loving both the mother and child and protecting the mother from a lifetime of grief, depression, or even bodily damage that can occur, all the while ensuring that a beautiful new life has been given their right to be born. Every life is a gift and every woman is a beautiful wonder for their ability to form that life in their womb. However, because this special blessing that has been bestowed upon women is being overshadowed by anxiety and fear, both women and men must stand together as a community of love and support.

This isn’t just a women’s issue. This isn’t just a men’s issue. This is a fight for humanity. Every type of person is affected by this issue; man, woman, black, brown, white, gay, straight, and so many more people are at risk of abortion. The only thing that can make sense is that every person must come together to use our greatest weapon in this battle: love. 

When we show love and compassion and understand the pain of these mothers, our hearts are moved to action. We show we care not only through our words, but by the actual support we give them throughout pregnancy, birth, and the life of their child. Even if the mother decides that the best life for the child would be with an adoptive family, we must still be there to be an emotional, spiritual, and material support throughout their whole lives. The reality is that being Pro-Life means being Pro-Woman. The Mother’s life will improve all the more with love and support than without it. The greatest testimony of love that we men can give is by literally saving the life of a mother and child through these actions. 

Men have been told to be afraid of being Pro-Life because it labels you as being anti-woman and out of touch with the world. Some men’s careers and reputations have been destroyed simply for holding a Pro-Life stance. The idea put forth that it’s “none of our business” means that our opposition wants us to sit down and stay silent while millions of babies lose their right to be born. However, men take part in creating life and thus must take part in defending it. Any one of us could have been aborted, but instead, we have been given the opportunity to live. Each person has been given a special dignity as a creation of God, and every person has the duty to uphold that dignity whether the person is born or not. Many people will not like it that you are defending life and will try to tear you down, but this is what I have to say: Come at me, I’m ready. I’ll take your bullets so the struggling mothers don’t have to. 

So men, when society tells you to sit down and shut up when you’re defending the lives of babies and mothers, stand up and preach love all the louder.