Born Dignified is an online resource for Christian young adults and by Christian young adults with the mission of Leading Christian young adults to encounter God and live as authentic witnesses of Jesus. This ministry is intended to help others navigate the difficulties of life in the 21st century world through the experiences of young Christian leaders worldwide.

Born Dignified is dedicated to the memory of Zechariah Hardy and Maximillian Von Arx. May their Christian witnesses live on to touch lives for years to come.

Leadership Team

Brendan Slovacek
Ministry Director
Men’s Ministry Coordinator
Joslynn Scott
Theology of the Body Coordinator
Rebekah Hardy
Associate Ministry Director
Women’s Ministry Coordinator
Amelia Brennan
Social Media Coordinator
Rachel Hamilton
Senior Editor

Taylor Fielder
Podcast Host

Rosemary Sikora
Family & Friends Ministry Coordinator

Mission Partners

Brian Kissinger
Speaker and Author

Clare McCallan
Speaker and Spoken Word Artist
Maggie Craig
Kayla Driver
Ministry Professional