Regaining Intentionality

By Katie Dell

How can we grow closer to our Lord when it seems like many avenues for that have been taken away? With Masses and events being limited, we might feel that it is impossible to enter into a deeper relationship with God, but it’s actually the opposite. We are being invited to enter into our relationship with Him in a new way this year. This new way holds a lot of beauty because we are able to dive deeper into the way of life that Christ was living right before His Passion. Christ, removed from His community, hung on the cross for the good of all. He endured the pain and the suffering because He knew it would be given back to the world as grace. Jesus was removed from His community and held in captivity, and in a way, we are being asked at this time to do that as well.

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Fearless Strength

By Brigitte Bowman

It was a cold October night. I didn’t know what to expect, thinking this night would be the same as every other. My parents happened to be out of town, so it was just the three youngest of six at home, just us sisters. We weren’t scared about being alone together; as far as we knew, we would always keep each other safe. We finally all went to sleep.

So there I was, asleep in my bed. And then I heard a voice from God saying: “Wake up.” My eyes opened to see an unknown man with a mask standing over me.

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You Are Worthy

By Donna Columba

Can you remember your first day of high school? I can most accurately describe my experience by the distinct “school smell” and how I tried to avoid eye contact while power-walking to my next class. I remember coming home with a sore jaw, not from getting into a school fight but from not saying a single word all day! I avoided any and all social interaction possible and was undoubtedly shy.

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Strength in Vulnerability

By Kylie Mann

Junior and senior year of high school were rough. I was in a dark place–alone–and my family was disconnected.

When you have depression, you just really don’t care. You don’t care much about yourself, let alone your family dynamic. Because if you don’t really care about yourself, why would you think others care about you?

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The Embrace of a Child

By Jenna Moury

I have always been obsessed with babies. 

The other day I had the most vivid dream that I was playing with my old pink dollhouse at home. Whether it was baby dolls, paper dolls, or dollhouses, dolls were always my favorite. When I played with the dollhouse, I would make all the little toy people be in a giant family. I would have families with fourteen or more children – usually with at least two sets of twins. Needless to say, I was obsessed with big families. 

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