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Embracing the Cross

By Theresa Matula What do you do when you are at a crossroad facing a decision between the temporary pleasures of this world and the permanent lasting happiness that Christ won for you through the cross? If you are a Christian, the answer is obvious. Give up your comfort, give up your power and positions … Read more Embracing the Cross

St. Gertrude Prayer

“1000 souls? One simple prayer? Can I do that?” The questions of an inquisitive little girl had begun. As a child, my parents would gather at my Nana’s home with a group of others to recite the rosary every Wednesday night. Most of the time, I would tag along, happily taking on the job of … Read more St. Gertrude Prayer

Submission to Holy Spirit

By Meg McDonald I like being in control. I have high expectations for myself and others, and I don’t see many reasons for things to be less than perfect. Sometimes this is a good thing— it keeps me disciplined, motivated, and organized. At other times, it robs my peace and my ability to be fully … Read more Submission to Holy Spirit


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