The Embrace of a Child

By Jenna Moury

I have always been obsessed with babies. 

The other day I had the most vivid dream that I was playing with my old pink dollhouse at home. Whether it was baby dolls, paper dolls, or dollhouses, dolls were always my favorite. When I played with the dollhouse, I would make all the little toy people be in a giant family. I would have families with fourteen or more children – usually with at least two sets of twins. Needless to say, I was obsessed with big families. 

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Modesty: A Veil for the Sacred

By Madeleine Austin

Your body is not an object of sin and temptation. Your body is good, and your figure is lovely. Pope Saint John Paul II speaks of woman as the “crown of creation” and tells us that we are the most beautiful aspect of the created world. Far from being an object of sin, your body is an opportunity for love, grace, and greater conversion. You have the power to turn a man’s head, but you have a deeper responsibility to turn his heart toward the source of your beauty. Your beauty is not your own; rather, it is a reflection of that of the One Who formed you. 

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