2020 wasn’t the easiest year… but that doesn’t mean 2021 can’t be life changing!

Now introducing our 2021 Theme Renewed!

Marian Consecration with Amelia Brennan

Starting January 9th!

Have you ever wondered what the big deal about the Virgin Mary is? Do you want to grow deeper in your faith? Well Mary, the Mother of God, wants to help you grow closer to her Son! Beginning January 9th, Amelia Brennan will be leading a Marian Consecration on our social media channels. Join her and many others as they take the step to grow closer to Jesus through Mary! Follow us online @borndignified on Facebook and Instagram for more!

What’s Up With That? Q&A Session with Brendan Slovacek and Guests

Every fourth Sunday of the month!

Why should I wait for marriage to have sex? Why does God let bad things happen? Is the Eucharist real? These are all questions that many young adults face on a daily basis! Every fourth Sunday our Ministry Director Brendan Slovacek and special guests will be answering YOUR questions on the faith! Tune in live at 4pm ET/3PM CT on our site and social media! Submit your questions here for our next month’s Q&A!

The Born Dignified Podcast

Coming Soon!

You asked for it and so we’re delivering! Coming in Spring 2021 will be The Born Dignified Podcast with great conversations, talks, and some surprises from our core team members and guests!

Articles That Matter to You!

Every Week!

Our authors have been working hard to prepare articles on topics that matter to you! Now more than ever young adults are bombarded with so many different influences and temptations and we’re here to help! Whether you’re struggling with your identity, struggling with sin, or even want to know how you can grow more holy in your life, we have articles for you!

Lenten Gospel Reflections

Beginning February 17th!

We’ll be sharing short daily Gospel reflections beginning on February 17th throughout all of Lent!